What is the Euro-China Smart Mobility City Award?

This is an award granted by the French association Prospective et Innovation to distinguish global smart mobility initiatives, new city experiences, ecological neighborhoods and low emissions areas that make people’s urban life experiences better.

Pontevedra’s candidacy

The city model that was conceived at the start of the century to be later designed and implemented by the local authorities in collaboration with residents, associations, non-government organizations and private companies pursued a common objective: giving public spaces back to pedestrians through the creation of car free districts and the rationalization of transport networks. The Euro-China Smart Mobility City Award recognizes the city’s efforts to allow only essential motorized vehicles to access the center and inner ring, to foster autonomy and self-sufficiency among children, senior citizens and people with mobility difficulties, to advocate for healthier lifestyles and combat sedentary habits, as well as to dramatically reduce noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions to make people’s lives better.

Pontevedra’s award

The city was presented with a prize in the Urban Design / Urban Planning category, focused on new city experiences, ecological neighborhoods and low emissions areas.

What is Fondation Prospective et Innovation?

This organization was founded in 1989 by René Monroy, former president of the French Senate. Today it is managed by Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former French Prime Minister and president of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense of the Senate. Its main objective is to promote the dissemination of key transformations that are taking place around the world and to provide entrepreneurs, business leaders, public representatives and intellectuals with a frame of reference that is up-to-date and useful to foster French and European connections with China.

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