A dynamic model

Profound changes in key city landmarks are currently underway, which represent the expansion of an ambitious urban transformation. Significant innovations will soon be completed between Peregrina St. and the provincial hospital, which will improve the quality of public spaces in the district.

Parishes and rural areas

The same principles applicable to the city center are also being developed in municipal districts, parishes and rural settings, where parish councils were introduced as forums for discussion and participation to set the main investment priorities in each region.

Parish councils represent all kinds of social entities: cultural and neighborhood associations, sports organizations, forest and water communities, local schools, etc.

What does the future have in store?

It is difficult to predict what the city will be like in the decades to come. Today, as Pontevedra advocates sustainability and smart mobility, many metropolises are still focusing on motorized vehicles and individual needs. For Pontevedra, walking does it and universal accessibility will continue to be one of the top priorities in urban planning, together with the defense of the compact city model, the installation of state-of-the-art equipment, high urban quality standards and the revitalization of a rich and biodiverse estuary, where big industries have no place.

Regaining Lourizán will surely be the greatest challenge yet to be faced by the city of Pontevedra.