What is Cermi?

The Spanish Committee of Representatives of Disabled Persons (Cermi), brings together federations and associations across the State which advocate for the social inclusion and full integration of people with mobility difficulties.

In the opinion of the jury, the Best Autonomic Action award that Pontevedra received recognizes the city’s constant effort to “transform a Galician town into an accessible, free and open space for everyone.”

One of the features that made this award particularly special lay in the direct involvement of users with mobility difficulties, who tried out the city’s intermodal approach before issuing their final verdict and carefully studied the local authorities’ commitment to the cause of universal accessibility through face-to-face interviews over the course of a year.
Back in 2007, the Pontevedra model was only starting to take shape and the most ambitious stages would still require a more consolidated popular support to be carried out.

Verdict of the jury


Integrative city

With the occasion of the 2007 Cermi Award, the city council of Pontevedra edited and published an illustrated booklet to disseminate the fundamental principles of local accessibility policies entitled “Pontevedra Integradora”. The publication featured several pieces of multimedia material that both residents and visitors found very clarifying.

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